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New Audi A3 Sedan Revealed With Sleek Design And Tech Overhaul

The most recent Audi A3 was the first generation to get rid of the hatchback design in favour of a sedan only model. Moving into 2021, the US version of the Audi, as seen below, maintains it’s 4 door configuration but with added infotainment technology, a sleeker design and a complete interior cabin overhaul.

Fans of the German super brand will be aware that the European design of the A3 launched a few weeks ago as part of the virtual and social distancing friendly, Geneva Motor Show. As many will have expected, the sedan is basically the same as the hot hatch equivalent, with some obvious changes to the C pillar. The new design features sharp headlights, a brand new oversize grill and the design takes a much more angular look. At the rear of the vehicle, things haven’t changed so radically – it has a similar taillight design, which could be also be argued looks very similar to the Q3.

The interior of the new A3 has been given a fresh overhaul and to us, we think it is for the better – looking much more sophisticated. Thankfully, Audi has ditched that awful pop-up SatNav screen in favour for a much sleeker 10.1-inch display which is firmly installed within the centre console. As with all new cars it seems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are installed and ready to go as standard, MMI navigation is offered as an optional upgrade. Audi’s Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster has been upgraded with a 10.3-inch screen, included with a 12.3-inch cluster and a head up display to boot.

The rest of the A3’s interior is much more eye-catching than usual, with the sporty hexagonal theme on the air vents and door panels. We believe the centre console took inspiration from the new Golf, especially considering the similar gear selector and start/stop button.

In terms of the engine/powertrain, there isn’t much information currently coming out of Audi – but we would assume the new sedan would contain a new version of the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, with a seven-speed dual-clutch as standard – yet to be announced though. Expected to be announced post-release are the racier S3 and RS3 as well as a plug-in E-Tron version to come too.

Here at Grand Tour Nation, we think the A3 sedan looks great, we love the updated design and believe Audi is taking this in the right direction. Gone are the days of the tacky rising SatNav screen, in favour for a more slick and suave design. The technological upgrades are a welcome addition, bringing the Audi back up to challenge the likes of it’s Mercedes-Benz and BMW counterparts.

Audi expects to begin deliveries later this year and we will of course keep you updated as further updates come out.

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