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New Audi e-Tron GT Images Leaked Before Official Release

The 2022 Audi e-Tron GT will be revealed later today, but the production photos of the car have already been leaked thanks to an Instagram account that specialises in such scoops.

It Looks Just Like The Concept Car

Unlike almost every other concept car ever built, this production variant of the e-Tron looks just like the concept we’ve already been shown by Audi.

The Instagram account ‘Car Spies’ posted these photos of what the production car will look like before the official launch of the car. We’ve been waiting a long time to see these images, and we’re not disappointed.

While we currently know that the car is all-electric and embracing an electric version of Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system where a magnet synchronous motor will be mounted to each axle, we now know what to expect visually when the car hits dealerships next year.

Inside the e-Tron

Inside the car it looks very standard Audi, with the screen behind the wheel, plus a centre infotainment system embedded into the dashboard. There isn’t a lot that differentiates it from other cars within the Audi portfolio.

It’s likely that this will be more affordable than its e-Tron crossover brother, and while it looks very similar to the Porsche Taycan from outside the car, it’s unlikely it will be fetching a similar price tag.

We’ll know more information when it’s released via an online reveal.

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