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New BMW M2 Receives Shooting Brake Conversion To Fix Awful Styling

For a little while now, BMW has been shocking fans of their cars by releasing new versions with what can only be described as the most awful looking body kits they could get their hands on. And this hasn’t gone down so well with this becoming a running joke. Angry pig, huge nose, etc, etc.

I’m sure this hasn’t affected BMW sales whatsoever, though. After all, any PR is good PR. But with the reveal of the new M2, a replacement of what many drivers define as one of the greatest sports cars of modern motoring, we were surprised to see that the German manufacturer is standing by its choice of creating strange looking cars.

Under the body it has some good numbers, however. It boasts 453-hp from a 3.0-litre turbo straight-six. This is taken through a manual gearbox (you read that right) to the rear wheels, and knowing BMW it will drive beautifully. But while they say you can’t see the car from the outside while you’re driving… everyone else can. And it looks like it’s made from LEGO, with plenty of straight lines, boxiness, and angles to go around.

Fortunately, we live in a world where digital artists are rampant, and they quickly jumped on the M2 to make it look as good as it will drive. X-Tomi Design has gone one step further, creating a shooting brake version of the car that will please many of us.

In hot hatch, shooting brake form, the boxiness works and reminds me of the clown shoe of yesteryear. The front-end is maybe a little long, but boy this thing has potential, and I’d love for BMW to do something like this.

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