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New Covid19 Symptom – Speeding Tickets


Empty streets have led to clear skies and rare animals venturing out into the world’s cities. The pandemic backdrop has ushered in a new era of change for us all, but one thing remains as true as always; empty streets offer a unique opportunity to speeders.

In Atlanta, an off-duty police officer broke quarantine to drive his red Dodge Challenger 130 mph on the highway. Later the officer who pulled him over discovered he had possibly been exposed to Covid-19 on the run-in.

Alternatively, a Nottingham man was caught earlier this week flying up the M1 at 110mph, with his two kids in the car. When asked by Leicestershire police why he was violating stay-at-home guidelines, he replied that he was coming back from a trip to buy bread…in London. That’s a roughly 5 hour round drive! Well, at regular speeds that is. At least the bread “was £1 cheaper.”



Meanwhile, Los Angeles, has seen a 35% increase in speeding tickets for driving in excess of 100mph! This month last year, the county issued 55 fewer super speeding tickets. One would think that was a sizable jump, but it is actually lower than the statewide increase of 41% across all of California.

Now, it’s understandable to want to get out there and stretch your legs, especially into the accelerator of your powerful ride. I for one, think this is potentially the most understandable time to get a speeding ticket. My only word of advise, be careful driving out there, times are wild.


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