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New Lamborghini EVO RWD Spyder Reveal – Live Coverage

We revealed yesterday that Lamborghini will be doing an Augmented Reality reveal of their brand new Lamborghini EVO RWD Spyder at 12am UK time today.

We will be covering the event live, so stay tuned on this page for live updates on the reveal and information on the brand new Lambo.

The new Huracan Spyder is coming in a RWD format and is expected to be shovelling that of an absolutely massive 640hp to those poor rear wheels.  The current EVO RWD boasts a 0-62mph figure of 3.1 seconds, so expect something similar for this roofless version. Further technical details will be announced at launch, so stay tuned to this page as we cover the event live.


11:31 UK Time

A bird’s eye view image of the new Spyder has been leaked onto social media after it was sent to Lamborghini owners via the Lamborghini Unica app.

11:50 UK Time

10 minute warning! We’ll be bringing you the new Lamborghini in around 10 minutes time, we can’t wait to see what the Italian supercar giants have got for us this time.

11:55 UK Time

We’ve been informed the new Huracan Spyder will have a top speed of 324hm/h and a 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds

12:00 UK Time

And it’s arrived! Here is your first look at the brand new Lamborghini EVO RWD Spyder. It looks absolutely gorgeous even if it is a computer generated rendering. We love the blue with the yellow break callipers:

12:10 UK Time

A better view on the wheels and callipers. The black wheels with the added yellow callipers really brings out how special the car will look in the flesh. More angles to come.

12:15 UK Time

The front of the vehicle, looks very much like the original Huracan (was to be expected lets be honest) and we can now see that the yellow accents are continued into the interior.

12:18 UK Time

The back of the vehicle is even more special, with two huge exhausts, the signature Lamborghini rear. The back of the vehicle wouldn’t be lost on a space ship in our opinion.

12:21 UK Time

Moving onto the interior of the vehicle now, you can see the yellow accents further covering a majority of the cabin. It looks like there is a huge centre console similar to that of a Tesla alongside an electronic display speedometer.

12:25 UK Time

On the exterior left side of the vehicle there will be a Huracan Evo RWD badge to show off to all the peasants what and how great your new Lambo is.

12:30 UK Time

We’ve got some official press shots incoming to give you a better idea of how great this thing looks. We can’t deny that the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder looks even better in the flesh than on a AR rendering and I personally can’t wait to see a few of these clogging up the streets of London on a hot sunny day. Bring it on!

12:32 UK Time

A proper view of the front of the vehicle and the headlights. In all honesty, I thought the headlight lines on the renderings were a glitch but we can see here that they are some proper fruity headlights, I love them!

12:34 UK Time

Here we get a much better view of the backside of the vehicle. Huge air vents to keep the massive engine cool are a signature of Lambo’s these days, we are loving the hard angles taking place here and going back to my last point about a spaceship, it really does look like one.

12:38 UK Time

Here we can see another image of the interior and we are loving the yellow trip. You can see a much better view of the huge centre console, which looks to be touch screen. We can also see the signature ‘ejector seat’ style starter button hidden by a red cover – possibly the best and most satisfying way to start a car in my opinion.

12:41 UK Time

Another view of the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder in the wild – this thing looks absolutely furious and I think I’m in love. From this image you can also see the Lamborghini logo embroidered into the headrest of the vehicle.

11:42 UK Time

And thats all folks! We’ll be bringing you a more detailed article of further specifications today – keep an eye out.

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