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New Maserati MC20 Engine Sound First Time Reveal

It hasn’t been long since we first saw the new Maserati MC20 in the flesh, so it’s not a surprise that today we’re able to hear its 3.0-litre Nettuno V6 for the very first time. And while some of you may not like Supercar Blondie too much, she’s able to get her hands on these cars very quickly.

Using this 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque powertrain it’s able to hit 62mph in just 2.9 seconds, and will keep pushing until it reaches a top speed of 201mph. And thanks to its lightweight chassis built from carbon fibre, we’d assume it’s pretty handy in the corners, with a power to weight ratio of 2.3 kg to 1 horsepower.

Listen above to hear the roar of the finely-tuned V6 for the very first time, and thanks to the in-house tuning of Maserati, it’s one hell of a sound.

We also get a good look around the $210,000 Italian supercar. We might not get a video this in-depth for a while, with the car hitting the road with customers more than likely next year now.

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