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New MG6 Is A Factory-Built, Road-Going Race Car With Plenty Of Potential

The MG6 is one of the brand’s most popular cars, but now the factory has breathed some racing fumes into its design and turned its body kit up to eleven. This is the XPower limited edition, and it was originally revealed on Weibo as the factory’s first officially modified model.

We haven’t heard a lot else from MG other than the car features the “ultimate racing aesthetic”, which we can see from the photos, so let’s talk a bit about that. From the front there’s plenty of extra grille for more cooling and airflow into the potentially hungry engine. There’s a front splitter and the new grille design features vertical bars over the much more subtle design which comes with the standard car.

The car also has a wider track, emphasised by muscly arches and lower sideskirts. Behind some very Fast and Furious-esque wheels sit bright green brake calipers, and there’s plenty of black accenting to break up the gorgeous green paint job. This ends nicely at the rear with a huge diffusor and a quad-exit exhaust system that’s shadowed only by the huge wing that sits on top of the boot.

This aggressive styling continues into the cabin with bright green seatbelts and a bolstered and sporty seat design marked with XPower embroidery. The steering wheel is flat-bottomed and is coated with microfibre/suede and leather, plus lines of contrasting green stitching, and on opening the door, you’re reminded that the car you’re stepping into is quite special thanks to a “Limited Edition” sill plate. I must admit, it looks very high quality and driver-centric with the gear selector for its automatic gearbox only inches away from where you’ll be resting your hands on the wheel.

In somewhat of a cliche, MG has apparently described this car a a “beast”, but we’re unsure quite what this means as the translation of the marketing material also tells us that its “sports performance directly bursts the table.” Regardless, I love this kind of stuff, and I’m very excited to see what comes next as we hear more about it.

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