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New Nissan Z Car Could Have 500bhp And Twin Turbos – More Details Revealed

Nissan is working on a brand new Z car, and according to Autoblog who have been asking around dealers about this new Japanese sports car, there are a few details that are slowly painting a picture of what features it will have.

According to the publication, it will be going back to the roots of the original Z cars with a “heritage-inspired design”, and while further details are limited, it will also feature a fascia inspired by the 240Z with a squared off grille and circular headlights. At the rear, it’s expected to echo the rear design of a 300ZX. But despite these quite obvious changes, its overall shape will stay similar to that of the current 370Z coupe. 

The interior of the car will be modernised compared to the plastic interior of the current generation, with an up to date infotainment system coming standard with even the base model. It is the modern age, after all. Apparently, the interior will come from the Ultima, which is fine, I suppose.

Next-Gen Nissan 370Z Test Mule Spotted At Nurburgring - Specs And Release Date
Source: Automedia

Beneath the bonnet will sit a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, realistically from the Infiniti powertrain that is already available to them. In its current form it produces 400bhp and 350lb-ft of torque, compared to the current 370z that produces 350bhp and and 276lb-ft. This power is rumoured to go through a nine-speed automatic gearbox, but thankfully a manual is also rumoured to have a chance at making it into the car. 

Next-Gen Nissan 370Z Test Mule Spotted At Nurburgring - Specs And Release Date
Source: Automedia

A Nismo version is also expected with around 500bhp, but nothing as of yet has been confirmed. 

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Nissan has been testing on the Nurburgring with a test mule shaped like a 370Z, so something is definitely on the way. What that thing is however, is still yet to be unearthed officially. 

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