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The New TVR Will Definitely Have A Manual Box

Even as they prepare to announce their first new model in 12 years, TVR just can’t seem to shake their old-school tendencies. We expected them to follow the trend of dual-clutch gearboxes in pursuit of sweet, sweet sales, but thankfully, TVR is just a little too stubborn for that.

TVR has all but conclusively confirmed that new buyers will be able to swap their own cogs, at a time when very few carmakers are building all-new cars with a manual first, and possibly an automatic down the road, instead of the other way around. The new TVR is supposed to be focused on lightness at all costs, though, so this decision does make sense.

To that end, TVR’s new chassis will be made entirely from carbon fiber; this will keep the weight under 2,800 pounds, according to TVR chairman Les Edgar. It’s also rumored to be capable of sprinting to 60 in under 4 seconds and doing at least 200mph, numbers which likely constitute the most modern aspects of the car. All this speed comes from an even more old-school 5.0L V8, supplied courtesy of noted F1 wizards and Ford fettlers, Cosworth.

The new car is set to debut on September 8, but that hasn’t stopped TVR from selling out of the 500-unit Launch Edition initial production run; they’ve even had to stop processing additional orders until the car bows officially.

Let’s hope it at least has some airbags. Maybe ABS if Christmas comes early.

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