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This Is The Newest Hot Wheels Camaro

In a move that seems aimed directly at Richard Hammond, Chevrolet has announced a new version of the Camaro which commemorates next year’s 50th anniversary of the Hot Wheels brand. Though Hammond doesn’t really need the scaled-up version of the car, it leaves more hot orange Camaros for the rest of us to enjoy.

The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary edition was unveiled right before SEMA, a gathering famous for having lots of absurd fan-service “cars” and being generally saturated in questionable taste, where Chevy is lined up to introduce another couple dozen models next week.

In true Hot Wheels fashion, it’s certainly one of the…brightest Camaros you can buy, covered in magma-orange paint (which mimics Hot Wheels’ signature orange plastic tracks), special wheels, and thick black go-faster stripes. You get special badging too, but there sadly aren’t any performance upgrades included in the package.

Priced at just under five grand, it’s a sizable chunk of change for what’s really a bit of chrome and some obnoxious paint, but this is the sort of thing people who buy Camaros usually like, and it suits the character of the car beautifully. It’s also made more desirable by the fact that the current-generation Camaro has been a massively pleasant surprise, proving itself one of the absolute best-handling sports cars on the market. It even beat a BMW M4 a while back in a Motor Trend test.

You can have it on either the 2LT or 2SS trims of the Camaro (the former a four-cylinder or V6, the latter the familiar 6.2L V8). So if you want to distinguish yourself even more from other Camaro buyers and happen to be in touch with your Hot Wheels-loving younger self, Chevy has you covered.

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