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Nissan Admits New Z Sports Car Won’t Come To Europe Or UK

Last night we were so very excited to see the new Nissan Z Proto, which will carry 98% of its design over to the replacement of the 370Z. But accompanying this news is some very sad news for people who reside in the UK and rest of Europe. The new Z will not be coming to the UK and Europe, Nissan bosses confirm.

The Proto sports a twin-turbo V6 coupled to a good old DIY manual gearbox that sends power to the rear wheels. Unfortunately though, in a statement from the marque, they’ve confirmed that it won’t be coming to us here over the pond due to ‘a shrinking European sports car market and specific regulations on emissions’ saying there was ‘no business case’.

With a gorgeous yellow paint job, it takes a look back in history at the original 240Z with the majority of the car taking a lot of design cues from the model. The lights at the back were confirmed to be a testament to the 300ZX, and a katana sword design runs down the side parallel to the swooping line of the roof.

We’re unsure as to whether more details are going to be released on this Proto, but we’ll be sure to update you as we know more.


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