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Nissan GT-R Crashes After Cars & Coffee Event – Ford Mustang Doesn’t

A Nissan GT-R driver has put us all to shame while leaving a Cars & Coffee event in Orlando, Florida. Trailing behind a Ford Mustang (ironic, I know), the GT-R seems to lose traction, oversteer, and fly off the road into a line of trees.

The Japanese sports car pulls out onto the road and the driver hits the accelerator. Unfortunately, they weren’t expecting the power as the rear of the car starts to slip. The driver is unable to correct the slide despite the car being known for its incredible handling, and it quickly mounts the kerb. Narrowly missing trees that line the road, it comes to a stop on the grass.

The Mustang in front of it drives away smoothly… so something is obviously wrong here. Swarms of children then run to inspect the crash site.

The GT-R was reported to have a damaged front bumper, undertray, and splitter. It got off lightly!

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