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Nissan GT-R Final Edition Will Have Over 700 Horsepower

Nissan is on a warpath this month, with the new Z sports car coming later this month in prototype form, and now a rumour that the Japanese marque may be releasing a new update to the GT-R for 2022 has surfaced. And oh, it’s going to have 710 horsepower according to Best Car Web.

Deemed to be the Final Edition, there will only be 20 units produced as the model comes to an end after fifteen years of success. The power comes from another very limited version of the GT-R, the GT-R50 by Italdesign, and if its numbers are the same, that means it will have 575 lb-ft of torque.

The same 3.8-litre V6 is heavily upgraded and tuned by the bright engineers at NISMO, with the major difference being upgraded turbos from the GT3 race car. To support this, larger intercoolers are used, as well as higher-flow fuel injectors and reinforcements to the dual-clutch auto ‘box.

According to Best Car Web magazine, this Final Edition GT-R will cost 40 million yen, which converts to about $376,000, or £292,000. In comparison, the Italdesign variant costs around $1,000,000.

While can only cite our sources, we can’t confirm that this is complete truth, but with the GT-R being an old supercar in the sea of new hybrid machines, it would make sense for Nissan to move its torch to the new Z and allowing the GT-R to end on a high. That said, surely an R36 is just around the corner.

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