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Nissan GT-R Misses Head-On Crash By Inches In Dash Cam Footage

When we came across this video, we couldn’t help but laugh at what the uploader had named it. “Laughing in the face of death” seems to be an exaggeration. But then we saw the video, and he wasn’t far off the mark.

The dashcam footage begins like any other video like this. The road is peaceful, the drive is serene, the driver is relaxed. But as soon as you start thinking the video is a duff, a Nissan R35 GT-R swings its way around a corner on the opposite side of the road, stuck in a screech of oversteer. We couldn’t help it, our buttocks tensed. As I’m sure this driver’s did, too.

In one swift move the driver pulls thiscar to the right off of the road and onto the grass verge as the GT-R roars past trying to accelerate out of the skid. It looks as though the sports car driver took the corner too quickly which resulted in the GT-R starting to understeer,. As a counter, the driver lifts off the throttle. This however, caused lift-off oversteer and pushed the car into a sideways skid.

Luckily the driver with the dashcam was able to manoeuvre around the car and keep his car, and himself, in one piece. He didn’t seem to phased, though. “Finally something good!” he mutters through laughter while making sure the camera was recording.

Balls the size of melons, this one.



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