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Nissan GTR Sets Quarter Mile Record With 6.47 Seconds at Sydney Drag Racing Event

The Nissan GTR is commonly a car we associate with being very very fast, but we never thought we’d see one which goes THIS fast.

In the below video you can see a record run during the Maatouks Racing event in Sydney. The news was first brought to our attention by DragNews and the team responsible for the incredible run was Metro GTR, a heavily modified GTR from its R32 generation. Sadly this beauty isn’t street legal, but thats probably for the best considering it did a quarter mile in 6.472 seconds and reaching a top speed of over 219 mph at the Sydney Dragway.

Once the team realises their vehicle has broken the record, you can him them erupt in elation and what a special victory it was for the team as they promised their late friend and previous owner of the GTR, Sam ‘Metro’ Youssef they would win it in his honour.

Maatouks Racing explained on their Facebook:

“That promise came true, but we didn’t just give him one record like he asked, we took a bundle of records whilst on our quest. The first record we took was for quickest GT-R, meaning any GT-R or Skyline to ever be produced. Secondly, we naturally took the record for quickest R32 Skyline, thirdly quickest all-wheel drive, and then the rest tumbled: quickest import IRS, quickest import on radials, quickest and fastest automatic RB, and also Australia’s quickest on a 275 radial.”

This wasn’t even the only record they broke at the event, as they managed to also take home the record for the fastest street-legal GTR with a quarter miles in a massive time of 6.840 seconds with a top speed of 209.20mph.

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