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Nissan Starts Production Of Brand New R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R Parts

Good news! Have you been finding it difficult to find OEM parts for your Skylines? Of course, manufacturers will eventually stop making parts for old cars, even if thy do have a massive following. But it seems as though Nissan has had a brainwave and recognised the need for OEM parts of their most iconic models: the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs.

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No longer will you have to scour eBay for a donor car – often meaning there will be one less on the road – and no longer will you have to buy replica parts of varying quality. Nissan, after already telling us that R32 parts will be available through their ‘NISMO Heritage Parts’ program, will be expanding to the R33 and R34 in a mission to preserve the dwindling number of cars on the road.

Nissan says this will cover “exterior, powertrain, electrical and various mechanical components,” and the total available parts will only grow with “hard-to-find components such as new weather stripping or power window switches” being available now for the R23.

There is a total of 160 parts available as of writing, with the number to increase over time in what’s being called a ‘multicompany joint effort. Nissan Motor, Nissan Motorsports International and Autech Japan are each involved in this project.


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