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Nissan Z Proto Re-imagined As Convertible And Shooting Brake

The Nissan Z Proto has certainly made its waves in the motor industry. Everywhere I look I see the new Z logo of the Japanese sports car and the, maybe overly square, grille. The news that it won’t be coming to Europe or the UK however has gotten some fans upset, but I might have found some designs that’ll hopefully cheer them up.

One of our favourite graphic designers X-Tomi Design has put pen to paper (or maybe mouse to screen?) to create these two renders – a convertible and a shooting brake. It’s safe to say they both look very good.

The current convertible Zs on the market are very cheap in comparison to their roofed variants, but this one looks just as good as the Z just released.

The proportions stack up to the lack of a roof with its wide hips and cab-back layout. The design works equally well as a shooting brake.

There’s something about the tyre letting and thick rubber that makes this shooting brake look so damn good. Do you agree? Let us know!

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