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One Person Receives “Unprecedented” 66 Speeding Tickets In Less Than A Year

“Speed!” Jeremy Clarkson would shout as he shoots past his 66th speed camera in 10 months. Okay, it wasn’t Jeremy Clarkson, but it may have well have been, as Cristian Mustafa collects a total of 66 speeding offences in just ten months. According to the Hampshire Police, this is an “unprecedented number of times,” with the driver being recorded doing speeds of up to 56mpg in a 30 speed limit.

He achieved these speeds in three cars, a VW Golf, a Skoda Octavia, and a Honda Civic, and is likely going to get one hell of a fine as doing 51mph in a 30 can lead to a 56-day driving ban. Well, Mustafa has pleaded guilty to ten of the 56 offences, plus driving without insurance for three days at Aldershot Magistrates. So far, he’s been banned from driving for three years plus a fine of £240, costs of £80, and a final £34 as a ‘victim surcharge’.

To be quite honest, I think he got off pretty well, especially considering the fact that when he received the offences via post, he ignored them. This “led to a significant amount of time and effort being put into finally locating and stopping him,” PC Daniel Channer told The News.

We have no sympathy, unfortunately. If you want to drive fast, take it to the track.

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