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Only Minor Injuries Suffered After Lorry Hits Bridge With Steering Failure

An articulated lorry has left the road and hit a concrete barrier after losing its steering at the close of 2019. Thankfully, according to, the driver was left with only minor injuries after escaping the flaming wreckage and is now listed as being in good condition.

The crash happened December 26 in Fenton, Michigan USA 60 miles from Detroit. The driver was carrying a full load of pickles while heading south on US 23 when the issue began. The lorry veered off the road with a steering failure according to the ViralHog video. There has been no official confirmation of what this incident was caused by, but the driver hasn’t been cited for any traffic violation.

The cab obviously hit the concrete hard, with it soon after bursting into flames while laid on its side. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved and no one else was injured. The bridge has also survived with an inspection team concluding that there is no major damage, bar the blackening from the fire and a bit of a dent.

This certainly could have been worse, and we wish the driver a swift recovery.

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