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Polestar ‘Precept’ Teases The Future Of Polestar 3 SUV Design


Volvo’s Polestar division showed off their new visionary commitment to the brand’s future, the Precept. The company’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, describes the vehicle as not a concept, but a commitment to where the brand is heading, with the Polestar 3 SUV more than likely adopting this design language. The announcement focused largely on the sustainability of new materials, as well as new safety features, which hearken back to their Volvo roots.

AmpliTex™ interior panels use a futuristic weave of flax-fibres to drastically cut down on weight and environmental impact. The seats are all 3-D woven from a single thread of recycled PET bottles, which allows them to have virtually no leftover materials, and also sound especially futuristic. In the past, Polestar has had a unique corner on the vegan-car market, which has been a thorn in the side of other EV manufacturers.

On the safety front, they have upgraded their Google infotainment hub to work in tandem with an Advanced Driver Assistance System. Its 15″ HMI touch screen dims and changes based on the driver’s line of site, weather conditions, and proximity of hands to the aforementioned screen. They show you only relevant information while you are focused on the road, then more detailed features as you look around and get closer to the screen.

This is an exciting time for Polestar, considering their already elegant designs. The Thor’s hammer headlights, suicide doors, vertical air blades, and adaptive front wing all make for a very refined and respectable vehicle. I for one, am ready to see more of them out in the wild. Hopefully, they remember to take their laptop off the roof of the car before driving off.

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