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Porsche 911 GT3 RS Found Demolished In Middle Of LA Protests

As the protests and rioting continue across America, we have seen multiple examples of luxury car dealerships getting ransacked. In Oakland, a Mercedes-Benz dealer was broken into, with mutliple AMGs totally destroyed. In the same area, a FCA dealership had over 80 cars stolen. Well now, the mayhem has taken to Beverly Hills.

Youtuber Effspot went out looking for exotic cars over this past weekend, and found a little more thanhe anticipated. A Porsche 911 GT3 RS, with its windows broken, roof caved in, and the sides completely covered in spray paint. Quite the oof moment for a car that runs just under $200K.

When they start filming the Porsche, someone can be heard saying that the keys aren’t in it. Maybe the driver narrowly escaped a carjacking, and took the keys with him. Then the perps took out their anger on the car he left in the middle of the road.

Earlier in the day there were omens of the destruction to come. Effspot films a string of Ferraris being relocated away from the dealership, including a 488 Pista. Which begs the question… where are they putting them all?

With broken glass and Adidas shoe boxes littering the road, the looters are actively going through a store while this video is being filmed across the street. You can see several cars pulling quick U-turns when they realize the extent of the carnage.

It’s really wild to think that anyone would go out on a night like this for sight-seeing, and drive anything other than a total clunker.


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