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Porsche Has Designed a 35-Metre Hybrid Yacht

For a few years, Porsche has operated its own little design studio on the side, creating suave, Germanic industrial designs for the likes of Huawei and BlackBerry. And now, they’ve turned their attention to the eye-wateringly expensive world of luxury yachts.

The brand-new Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid is one of four sizes (85, 100, 115, and 130, but the 115 is first to production) and is powered by twin 1,667hp diesel engines coupled with 2,682hp Fortjes 5000 pods. It has a range of about 3,400 nautical miles, making a jaunt across the Atlantic at 21 knots (25 mph) no problem at all, should it take your fancy. And it was all designed by Porsche.

If, at any point during your journey, you should feel fatigued or simply bored of associating with the help (Dynamiq recommends each passenger be assigned one servant), choose one of the recommended three cabins, each complete with 7-foot ceilings to give an airy, spacious feel.

The GTT 115 is currently under construction in Viareggio, Italy, and if you’d like to try your hand at putting one together, you can check out their configurator here. Just keep your eyes off the number at the right.

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