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Reason Behind Car Combusting That Left Jay Leno Facing A Skin Graft Revealed

Car enthusiast, Jay Leno, was taken to hospital over the weekend with third degree burns on the left hand side of his face after one of his cars burst into flames.

The former ‘Tonight Show’ host put his fans at ease, saying:

“I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet,”

Leno was taken by ambulance to the Grossman Burn Centre where he is expected to be recovering for five to ten days, and could now possibly require a skin graft. Luckily, his family advised that the fire did not get to his eye or ear.

It has now come out that Leno was working on a 115-year-old steam car at the time of the incident, according to reports. Leno explained to TMZ that the 1907 White Steam Car that he was working on had a clogged fuel line which led to a fuel leak. The fuel leak caused petrol to spray over his hands and face and a spark which went off at the same time started off the explosion.

Luckily, Leno’s friend was right there so jumped in and put the flames out as quickly as possible before the flames got too out of control.

The Steam car that Leno was working on is one of his extensive car collection of about 180 cars and 160 motorcycles. Leno hosts is YouTube series ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ and posted a video a number of years ago showcasing the vintage steam car.

Leno has had to cancel all of his commitments over the next couple of weeks whilst he recovers.

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