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Trucker Denies Merging Car – Who’s In The Wrong?

We’ve all been there. We’ve taken liberties on the road to try and get in front of a slow moving vehicle. In fact, it’s how I got my first speeding ticket. I accelerated down the onramp to try and beat a slow moving truck in the slow lane. Little did I know that there was a camera watching me, and by the time I’d braked to slow down to a more legal speed, it had flashed and my mugshot was being sent to the local constabulary.

The woman driving the VW obviously had the same idea, although hers involved a slightly more daring move. She drove up the slower lane in an attempt to undertake an overtaking truck. Already you can see where this is going.

She attempts to squeeze into a space too small for her vehicle, forcing the truck she was undertaking to brake. Although in this case, he doesn’t brake. Instead, the two vehicles get tangled in a knot of scraping sounds and paint base coats. And I have to say, she’s very lucky to come off that easily as her car got sandwiched between two burly and weighty trucks.

This begs the question, then. Who was in the wrong?

You could argue that she shouldn’t have barged her way into a space too small for her. But on the other hand, surely the truck driver, even though he knows she’s making the wrong move, should have let her in to stop the incident from happening in the first place.

Let me know your thoughts down below.

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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