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Should This Road Rage Driver Get Off Scot-Free?

Folks, if you’re involved in an accident or even slightly near one, you need to stop. Do you remember the “Santa Clarita Road Rage Motorcyclist?” In case you have forgotten, here is a link to our original article about the incident.

This is the case where a guy driving a crappy Nissan, perhaps illegally, entered the carpool lane on the Santa Clarita (HWY 5) freeway back on June 21, 2017, and cut off a motorcyclist. The media initially reported that a motorcyclist had kicked the car and caused it to crash in a road rage incident. Closer examination, however, showed that the driver of the Nissan had tried to murder the motorcyclist by crashing his car into him. Instead, the driver of the Nissan missed and hit the divider, causing a cascading crash that injured a nearby driver. In case you somehow missed it, here is a video of the incident:

In a recent news article by Rudy Chinchilla of NBC Channel 4 News Los Angeles, he tells us that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is still looking for the motorcyclist, and that no charges have been filed! It looks like the driver of the Nissan is going to get away with attempted murder because the motorcyclist didn’t stick around to press charges!

Motorcyclist Who Kicked Car in Road Rage Crash Still Sought
Police are still conducting an investigation into a road rage incident that caused a dangerous chain reaction crash on a Southern California freeway in June.

Here is a link to a news article with the official details about the accident from the CHP:

CHP Seeks Motorcyclist in Road Rage Crash
A road rage incident on Highway 14 near Newhall Avenue Wednesday morning resulted in a two-car crash and a motorcyclist who remains at large, according to CHP

Folks, not only is running from the scene of an accident you are involved in a crime, it’s a dick move, and a double-dick move in this case because this murderous a-hole who was driving the Nissan is going to be back on the roads again, instead of in jail where he belongs.

Motorcyclist kicks car via CBS News Los Angeles

I encourage the driver of the motorcycle to step forward and take his punishment for fleeing from the scene of an accident like a man, press charges against the a-hole who tried to murder him, and do the world a favor by taking that road-rage a-hole off the streets. Seriously dude, how are you going to sleep at night when that guy does this again and murders a car full of children? Step up and do the right thing!

Keep driving my friends!

My thanks to Larry for his help with this article.

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