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See Some Of The Greatest Moments From The Nurburgring 2019

The Nurburgring is one hell of a source of entertainment. Not only is it one of the greatest tourist attractions for us petrol heads in the world, but it provides us with some of the most brilliant videos on the internet. Over 2 million visitors a year drive the Green Hell, and while some are incredible drivers who can pilot their cars on the edge, some… aren’t so perfect. Thanks to Auto Addiction, we get to revel in both.

The video above shows us some of the greatest moments from 2019, including some brilliant saves,  gorgeous cars, and brilliant driving. It’s certainly not cheap to drive the ‘Ring at 2,200 euros for a yearly pass, so it’s at the top of many’s priority list to keep their cars in one piece.

On the other hand, a small fee of 199 euros plus insurance for 300 can get you a lap around the German track in a Suzuki Swift. For just under double that, you can get something a tad faster, a Porsche 911 GT3.

This track is dangerous, tricky, and full of varying levels of driver skill. Got a cool story? Let us know any of your stories from the Nurburgring down below in the comments.

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