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Someone’s Made a Modern F40 And Boy Does It Look Good!

In our current automotive market, going retro is the latest ‘big thing’ and has been for some years now. This year Mercedes has joined the party with their latest rendition of the G-Class which looks very close to its 1970’s counterpart. Alongside Porsche’s remake of ‘Moby Dick’ utilising the 911 GT2 RS and then Ferrari giving it the all on the visual nod to their history with the SP1 and SP2.

However, what do we think Ferrari would produce if they decided to bring out a full homage to one of their all-time legends, say… the Ferrari F40? How do we think it would visualise in this day of modern supercars?

Enter Samir Sadikhov, the automotive designer who’s CV boasts impressive works to note including Rezvani and Lamborghini. Sadikhov has gone all out with these stunning F40 modernisation renders (we wonder whether he might want the job, a little hint to Ferrari perhaps?), incorporating the most definitive features of the original in his work, including the iconic full body width rectangular wing, the triple exhaust system and those deep cut air intakes created with a truly modern twist, bringing it right up to 2019. Boy does it look good!

This is all well and good for us to guffaw at, but the scale of a project of this nature does not come without thorough dedication, over a year’s worth to be precise! Sadikhov even went as far as designing some of the monocoque platform of the re-imagined version, purely to show its feasibility as a potential release. He stated the following: “As a petrol head and a car designer I wanted to keep the spirit of the F40 Icon”.

We think he has performed an absolutely stirling job and this should become a true to life model for Ferrari’s next big nod to the retro cause! What are your opinions?

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