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Speeding BMW Driver Gets HUGE Fine For One Stupid Reason

As much as we’d love it, Germany’s beloved Autobahn hasn’t got an unrestricted speed limit all the way through. It is, however, the only public road where you can push your car to the very top end of its performance. There are endless videos where people have done this, but you must know for sure that you’re on an unrestricted section.

This driver of this second-gen BMW X5 wasn’t so observant, and entered the Autobahn on a 70km/h (44mph) section of road while going 7mph over the limit. He was caught by a camera, and while this would usually result in a measly €20 fine, he had a bad idea that escalated the issue.

He ended up with a massive €1,500 fine after he gave the camera the middle finger while driving past. The German police weren’t so happy with this when they saw the photo of the X5 speeding, and thanks to this gesture from the driver, the District Court of Kulmbach multiplied the find by 75 times and also gave him a one-month driving ban. Wow.

He will definitely think twice about doing that again. And I gotta say, I will definitely think twice about the gestures I make to speed cameras around the UK.

I’m not so sure the driver deserved such a harsh fine, but he’ll certainly know not to make that mistake again.

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