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Subaru BRZ Confirmed For Official Reveal This Autumn

In a surprise post from Subaru USA, the company has confirmed that the new Subaru BRZ sports car will be revealed “this Fall”. This means we’ll get to see the next generation of the iconic sports car sometime between now and the beginning of December. Alongside this reveal, we’ve also been treated to some teaser shots of the car wearing some blue camouflage and the same 18-inch wheels as the Toyota GR Yaris.

Those who attended the 2020 Subifest Charity Drive in California also got to see the camouflaged prototype in person, with photos of it then being plastered across social media.

As far as the comments suggest, the viewers couldn’t confirm it there was an intercooler at the front of the vehicle, which would hint at it being turbocharged, but the outline of the car looks very similar to the outgoing generation of BRZ and GT86.

These models have been in production since 2012, and despite building a built following, are due a refresh and potential upgrade. It’s rumoured that the new car will use another Subaru engine, this time being a turbocharged 2.4-litre unit from the Subaru Ascent with 256hp. However, now there are rumours that the car will instead use a naturally aspirated version of this engine, with an output of 217 horsepower.

New Turbo Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ On The Way With 255BHP And New Name

With turbocharging being a popular aftermarket upgrade for the GT86 and BRZ, it would be a shame to hear that the Japanese marques are keeping the car NA, but it would certainly not be a surprise. We must bear in mind that originally this car was supposed to be a chassis-focussed sports car, with power being secondary to the experience. Of course, this also keeps building and running costs low, but how long will this keep fans interested? Only time will tell, but it won’t be long.

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