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Sung Kang Car Build Portfolio to Include Datsun 320 Pickup Truck

Sung Kang’s claim to fame in the car world has understandably been his iconic role in Tokyo Drift, which builds on his real-life personality of inclusion and curiosity.

With that, he’s been able to build off his interest in cars to meet people from all over the world to build a couple of amazing cars in the Fugu Z, a 1972 Datsun Z that won Best of Show at the 2018 SEMA convention in Las Vegas and a follow-up car, called the Underdog, which was a special collaboration with SEMA and students from Southern California.

With the delay of Fast 9, it seems Sung and his team has some time on his hand, so just this past week, Sung went out and bought himself a project car. No, it wasn’t an RX-7 or the new Toyota Supra. It was . . . . well, here . . check it out yourself:

Build between the years of 1962-1965, this truck is powered by a 1.2 Liter Engine producing about 60 bHP.

The question is what’s Sung going to do with this truck and will it start another phase of the Japanese car craze the way the Fugu Z did? Head over to Sungs Garage to stay on top of the project.

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