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Superformance’s MKIII R Blends Classic Shelby Cobra With Sharp New Styling

The team over at Superformance, known for their sweet Shelby-approved Cobra rolling-chassis builds, have added the new MKIII-R to their lineup. This killer take on the iconic Cobra, may stir up some mixed reactions, since it doesn’t shy away from contemporary amendments to the revered design.

For starters it adds a few extra lines, with the very noticeable front splitter and hood swoop. Along the side, we see some black mesh-covered air vents, with longs strakes running over them, which thankfully are optional.

On the back, there are functioning diffusers, which run all the way up under the car’s rear-end. The diffuser and front splitter are made to body-contour match, so that the aesthetic of the MKIII-R holds up in the round.

Superformance is allowing its customers to customize all of the interior and exterior color options, so you can have any type of body paint on the outside, and stitching on the interior leather. They also are giving transmission tunnel a proper leather dressing, and fitting the dash with their electronic gauges.

The MKIII-R comes standard with LED headlights, power steering, and 18″ wheels. Buyers can opt to upgrade to six piston front big brakes, push button start, and of course… a soft top.

Now this is a rolling chassis, with just about everything except for the engine and transmission. So keep in mind that you’ll have to pair it with an appropriate motor. The one pictured has a Roush 427-ci V8 with 510 hp and 515 ft-lb of torque, but the MKIII-R is designed to work with any Ford-based V8 with a 5-speed Tremec transmission or four-speed top-loader.

Where it does cost at leat $79,900, Superformance will be limiting the MKIII-R to just 20 examples a year.

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