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Tesla Enables Free Supercharging For Those Affected By Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is causing a huge health crisis across the world with over 100 dead as a result of the respiratory disease and with over 4,500 people infected. Starting in China, its government has cancelled public transport and has put its major cities under quarantine to try and stop the spread. 

Because of this, people are needing to rely on their cars to get around, increasing the cost of movement for people. But for those who own Teslas, Tesla has confirmed that they are making supercharging free in China while there are still those affected by the disease. This will be for all vehicle, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3

The photos above that were shared by a Tesla owner to Twitter show notifications that they received on their Tesla regarding the free use of supercharging. 

“After the epidemic ceases, we will notify you again before resetting your vehicle to its original configuration. We hope to provide you with a modest effort so you can spend this time smoothly. Tesla reserves the right to make the final decision in this event,” it says. 

This simple gesture will give Tesla owners in China a little more freedom while they attempt to keep living their lives while this awful disease is combatted. Tesla isn’t afraid of opening up free supercharging to its customers while there’s a crisis. For example, it did the same thing when hurricane Dorian struck Florida last year. It also made these changes to combat Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolin during 2018. 

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We wish everyone affected by the Coronavirus a swift and full recovery.

Alex Harrington

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