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Tesla Model 3 Aquaplanes And Crashes While Under Autopilot

Aquaplaning isn’t a nice way of writing off a car. A sudden loss of traction and the feeling of no control will make a bead of sweat appear on anyone’s brow, but imagine not being in control in the first place. This Tesla owner found out the heard way that even when you think you have full control, you still can’t rely on Autopilot to drive the car like a human would.

Driving at a marked 75mph down a wet road in Autopilot, this Model 3 owner tempted fate by keeping the car driving autonomously despite the dangerous conditions. Before long, the car hit a patch of water and lost control, sliding and spinning.

Tesla has said, time and time again, that Autopilot is merely a driver aid, and should not be thought of as something a driver can rely on to drive the vehicle. Because of this, it’s crucial that the Tesla itself isn’t blamed, but instead the driver who was relying on the aid too much. Plus, a human, fully in control of a vehicle, would have a tough time combatting the affects of aquaplaning. But a responsible driver would have lowered their speed in such conditions.

What do you think about the news? Should Tesla give drivers the ability to do this, as this could have easily involved more cars if they were near. On the other hand, the Silicone Valley company is collecting endless data that will no doubt be invaluable when pursuing a more intelligent form of AI. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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One Comment

  1. First, it’s Silicon Valley. SiliconE Valley is what a plastic surgeon creates.

    Second, as long as there’s clear liability waivers in the car and it’s instructions, and the car logs when it’s in Autopilot mode, I say let the idiots do it. They’ll have to answer to their insurance companies when the logs from their car are pulled and Autopilot was engaged at the time of the wreck. When enough people have to pay out their totalled cars, we’ll see less of this foolishness.

    Or better yet, maybe the insurance companies will start requiring people to sign explicit indemnity agreements before they insure a car with an Autopilot sort of feature that protects the insurance company if that mode’s engaged at the time of the crash.

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