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Tesla Model 3 Well Ahead Of Schedule; First Car Will Be Completed Friday

With all the previous talk about how Tesla will never make their targeted start date for the production of the Model 3, it comes as quite a shock when Elon Musk announced that not only are they on schedule, but the Model 3 production seems to be well ahead of schedule.

According to a tweet, the first Model 3 should be completed by Friday:

Well, color me surprised.

In addition to the start date for production, the first 30 people who had pre-ordered a Model 3 will be invited to an exclusive “handover party:”

One of the biggest criticisms of Musk’s Model 3 plans has been the targeted number of 500,000 units sold per year, but another tweet reveals that Tesla just may reach those lofty numbers:

With the Model 3 priced as the “everyman” alternative to the luxury-priced Models S and X, Tesla is looking to make a huge dent in the EV market with an “affordable” Tesla car (though “affordable” can be argued since $35,000 is still not necessarily a cheap car).

With the competition heating up (Chevy Bolt, BMW electric 3 series, Audi EV, Polestar EV), Tesla can stand gain much by being the first to offer a mass market EV with decent range (215 miles for the Model 3).

400,000 people have put in pre-orders for the Model 3 (myself included), so the question of where we are on the waiting list is still up in the air. Regardless, Musk made good on his promise of a July start date for the production of the Model 3, so at this point, it’s simply a countdown!

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