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Tesla Model X Ripped Apart By Red Light Running Nissan GT-R

A Tesla Model X was torn into two pieces when it was hit by a Nissan GT-R that flew through a red light at the intersection of Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Three Islands Boulevard at 10 am Monday in Florida, USA.

No injuries were reported from the Model X which, as you can see from the video, received major damage, but the driver and a passenger from the Nissan were taken to a nearby hospital, one as a trauma patient and one for minor injuries. The driver of the Nissan, Youtuber Greg Ferreira, could be seen making the sign of the cross after the incident occurred.

Apologies for the video, it’s vertical and is edited with the worst music, but clearly shows the damage received by both cars involved:

“That car was flying. It hit the Model X Tesla right in the back,” said Ronnie Gnesin, a witness.

“The Tesla flew apart. Next thing you know, the back wheels are flying this way. They hit this car over here.

“I seen this white car just driving like crazy, passing all the cars as fast as he could,” said Jesse Dynak. “Then, I hear, ‘Boom!’ and all the smoke. He must have hit the black car.”

We looked into Ferreira, and from his countless YouTube videos that he uploads for his audience of 1.54 million, he isn’t a stranger to irresponsible driving. The video below shows him driving at speed while using his mobile phone:


Please stay safe on the road and abide by all road laws. If you want to see what your car can do, take it to private land or a track away from the public. We wish a swift recovery to all those hurt and to everyone else, drive safe!

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