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Tesla Model Y Cooling System Held In With Fake Wood Pieces Owner Finds

Tesla is known for its cost and corner-cutting strategies, but this latest example of a quick fix is beginning to raise the eyebrows of even the most dedicated owners and fans. In the new Model Y, it looks as though Tesla has used faux wood trim to strap in what’s called the Liquid Cooled Condenser.

“Someone made a run to Home Depot to make Q2 numbers,” joked the owner of the images below which were posted onto a forum.

After the post had gained traction, other owners join in on the fun by posting what they found in their own cars. Some also had the woodgrain pieces, while other customers had white strips.

The part you’re looking at is essentially a heat exchanger, which allows a cryogen to be passed around essential parts of the car in order to move heat to and from these places. This LCC is only a small part of the overall octovalve cooling system which is given the job of conditioning the battery, cooling and heating the cabin, and cooling the drive unit.

The Drive confirms the parts seen holding in the unit aren’t shown in the Tesla part catalogue. so it’s obviously a quick fix from somewhere. Is this really what we expect from a vehicle worth $55,000? You can’t see it, but once you know this, you wonder what other corners have been cut? Only time will tell.

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