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Tesla Powered Lotus Evora Destroys Track

This electric Lotus Evora basically showed up at a track day and pretty much dominated everyone! Dubbed Project Blue Lightning, the owner of the car, Sasha, has done a number of enhancements, many of which go way beyond what I see a typical gearhead do to their car. It’s one thing to swap out an exhaust or pop a new air intake on your car; it is another thing entirely to completely rework the electronics and add new driving modes to a car.

That’s exactly what Sasha has done with Project Blue Lightning. The video introduces the car with Sasha discussing how he added a number of new modes to not only the dash, but also new drive modes that can change up things like the cooling, power steering, traction control, and power. He even developed a system that flashes a warning when a braking zone is approached, though that was not implemented in time.

The two driving modes that were discussed were Time Attack Mode and Drift Mode. In Drift Mode, 40% wheel slip is allowed, whereas in Time Attack Mode, I assume things are more locked down to keep the car hugging the road with minimal sliding about. There is even something called a Max Regen mode where all unecessary electronics are shut down in order to conserve battery life and maximize mileage.

It’s abolsutely insane to watch as this car rips through the circuit with no sounds except the squeal of tires and the whine of the electric motor. The immediate full power coming right out of a corner is borderline scary to see!

Tony Hsieh

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