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The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur V8 Is A Gorgeous 542HP Package Of Ultimate Luxury

Say hello to the gorgeous new Bentley Flying Spur V8. It’s powered by a twin-turbocharged – you guessed it –  4.0-litre V8, which produces 542bhp and 568lb-ft of torque. This is less than the more expensive and more powerful flagship Continental GT, but having a smaller engine upfront means less weight over the front wheels, resulting in a more pointy and agile motorcar.

In fact, it’s a whole 100kg less than the W12 variant, so remains almost as potent with a 0-62mph time of 4.1 seconds, only two tenths slower than the W12, and a top speed of 198mph. Its power is sent through an 8-speed automatic ‘box to all four wheels.

Thanks to its low weight and cylinder deactivation, it sips petrol like a nun sips vodka with a promised 22.2mpg. But more importantly, the adaptive dampers, torque vectoring system and electric power steering have been dialed in to allow for more agility. Not that this is important in a Bentley saloon, but it will certainly give you points during the car chat down the pub. Add some more money to the pot – we’ll get to the value of that pot later on – and you can spec the Spur with an active roll stabilisation system and four-wheel steering to give it further improved turn-in.

Sat on 20-inch wheels and sporting a quad-exhaust system, it certainly looks the part. And being a Bentley, the paint can be specced to your liking with over 60 colours available and a de-chrome package at your fingertips. Inside is very similar, with a large array of materials and colour to choose from and the trademark revolving dashboard able to be specced, too.

And what Bentley wouldn’t be correct without heated and massaging seats, window blinds, climate control, and mood lighting all controlled through a five-inch touch screen remote. Hidden in the rear bench is even a bottle cooler, just in case you get stuck in traffic and fancy a cold glass of champers.

But how much does all this cost? Well, if you’re looking at getting one of these, price likely doesn’t matter too much. But the Flying Spur is expected to start at around £150,000.

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