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The Aspark Owl Is The Most Powerful Production Car In The World With 2,012bhp

Japan is now the home of the most powerful production car in the world with the Aspark Owl being officially revealed with 2,012bhp. This power figure beats the Chiron, it beats the Rimac C_2, and it beats the beautiful and extra-light Lotus Evija, and all with the magic of an all-electric powertrain. I think we have concrete evidence that electric power is the way forward, don’t you think?

From one very large number to a very small number, 62mph is dispatched in just 1.69 seconds, which makes it the quickest car in the world, too, as far as we know.

The Aspark Owl Is The Most Powerful Production Car In The World With 2,012bhp

Aspark boss Masanori Yoshida told Top Gear that they pushed back the reveal date of the car by two years to not just make it faster, but to make it the fastest car in the world, despite it being a concept since 2014. “We’ve been testing conditions and details, and as a result the speed is much greater than when we first announced the car,” he said.

With collections from early next year, you’ll be able to buy the car for the price of €2.9m. It will be built in Italy by MAT, and already 15 of the 50 units available have been sold. Yes, blah blah blah. Shall we get onto the good its? Okay, brace yourself.

The Aspark Owl Is The Most Powerful Production Car In The World With 2,012bhp

There are four motors behind the monstrous power figure, with a 64kWh lithium-ion battery pack, enabling not just the 2k+ horses but 1,475lb ft of torque. The powertrain comes from an unknown third party, but we’re too busy still reading those numbers that we don’t really care.

The monocoque is carbon fibre, lowering its weight, and the top speed is limited to a blistering 248.55mph. Blimey. Range is currently said to reach 280 miles on a full charge, but with this level of performance available, could you hold back your right foot to achieve that? I’m not sure I could. Like the Rimac, it will get full torque vectoring, too, so its performance won’t simply be limited to a straight line.

“We’re planning on making another model in the future,” he told Top Gear. “Both smaller and bigger than the Owl.” Doubt of it being an SUV are quickly extinguished. “Only hypercars – I like hypercars!” he said. My kinda man.

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