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The BMW 750Li Tupac Was Shot In Is Now For Sale for $1.75 Million

It may be a little weird, but the car that Tupac Shakur (2Pac) was shot and killed in is now up for sale. Yeah, it feels strange to write about this, but celebrity memorabilia is incredibly interesting, especially with a history such as this. The ’96 BMW 750Li that he was passenger in while driving through Las Vegas will certainly grab collector’s eyes, especially with a price tag of $1.75 million.

The BMW 750Li Tupac Was Shot In Is Now For Sale for $1.75 Million

The car’s been restored entirely since its involvement with the shooting and is now for sale through a Las Vegas-based dealership called Celebrity CarsThe price however, is extortionate regardless of what history this V12-powered limo has, however, only a couple of years ago it was featured on the History Channel show Pawn Stars where it was listed for $1.5 million. You can see the clip below:

On the current listing, the car reads 121,043 miles, which was apparently thanks to the co-founder of Death Row Records, Suge Knight. But since the shooting in September 1996, the car hasn’t seen a lot of road after Shakur and Knight were seen watching a boxing match at the MGM in Vegas.

The facts behind the shooting are hazy, and questions still loom over the incident as to who was to blame. Some blame LA gangs, but what has been confirmed is that a number of bullets hit the car, killing Shakur and injuring Knight in the process.

The BMW 750Li Tupac Was Shot In Is Now For Sale for $1.75 Million

The car is worth whatever someone will pay for it, but I wonder if it will sell for such a high price, especially after it’s been restored. We can only sit and watch, but as it looks like it’s been sat waiting for a buyer for two years, I won’t be holding my breath.

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