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The “Half Price” Totalled Audi R8 Was Fixed For $500

No one likes insurance companies, do they? You pay them a load of money to get your car on the road, then if you do have an accident, they completely screw you over and manage to worm even more money out of you. That’s just how it goes, and we can prove it.

Samcrac, a motoring YouTuber, recently purchased an Audi R8 which had been written off because of a crack in the front frame. The insurance company estimated a cost of $29,522 to repair, but Samcrac guides us through the process he used to repair the car (with additional strengthening) for just $500.

He first of all pushes the two sides of the crack together by pulling the frame downwards, and after a lot of straining and some accidents (the windscreen gave way under the abuse of a mallet and the mounting point for the chain used to pull the frame downwards gave way, too) they were able to weld and fill the cracks. Reinforcement plates were then used to… well, reinforce.

There was quite a buzz in the comments section regarding the use of reinforcement plates not bought from Audi and being Audi specific, but hey, it did the job, right?

Let us know what you think of this daring repair and if you’d give it a go yourself!

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