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The Jaguar Project 8 Makes Even More Power On Dyno Than Advertised – Incredible Sound Too!

The Jaguar Project 8 makes a power figure that is tantalisingly close to 600bhp. Being a mere 8bhp away from the nice round figure at 592bhp, I’m not surprised owners are starting to wonder whether it can indeed hit the 600 milestone.

This is the car that beat the saloon record at the Nurburgring with a stupendous time of 7min 21.2sec making it 11 seconds faster than the famed Giulia Quadrifoglio. It has an exhaust note that even some of the fastest of supercars are jealous of, so surely, you must try. this is where we pass you to Harry Metcalfe who used to own Evo Magazine and now runs his own YouTube channel called ‘Harry’s Garage’.

This time, he’s not in his garage. He’s instead gone down to Litchfield Imports – the guys who make crazy fast GTRs – to put his own Project 8 on the dyno.

The power achieved was far beyond what Jaguar has advertised at 620bhp. Even the ‘normalised’ rating of bhp when ambient temperature is taken into account sits at a neat 600. Although torque was down 10lb ft to 506, this car is a serious machine.

We can’t wait to see more on track and, let’s face it, we all want to see what it can do on the quarter mile.

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