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The Lancia Stratos Has Been Reimagined With A Modern, Insane Design

The Lancia Stratos was one of the most iconic and sought after Italian supercars of the ’70s. Designed by the legendary Marcello Gandini, the Stratos became an instant hit and loved by car enthusiasts all over the world. What’s left of the less than 500 road-legal editions of this car, have all been perfectly preserved in collectors garages, untouched for years. The design has been left alone (almost, see the video below where it was featured on The Grand Tour) until now. 

Designer Guilherme Araujo has taken it upon himself to improve and update the Stratos to modern specs. Which to me is a bit like adding some modern touches to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. You should probably just leave it alone. However as you can see below, Guilherme’s design looks absolutely epic. 

Messing with the design of the Stratos is a bit of a touchy subject for classic car enthusiasts. They don’t want you to mess with it at all, and you can almost understand why given its insane track record. 

The Lancia Stratos was perfect from every angle, under the hood, the Stratos packed a 2.4 liter Ferrari V6 that made it lightning quick and produced a sound like nobody has ever heard before. The epic looking and sounding car also had an extremely short wheel-base, which helped it turn corners in an instant. The Stratos wasn’t just good looks and sound however, Lancia dominated the mid 70’s World RallyCross with the Stratos leading the pack. In the end, the Stratos had won 3 consecutive WRC championships and many other races. 

Designer Guilherme Araujo has not taken this project on lightly, he aims to preserve the Stratos’s heritage. Saying “This is my interpretation of a sports car for the brand in today’s world, keeping the heritage but exploring new possibilities of the wedge shapes and simple graphics..” Now, we can only hope this goes into production somehow.

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