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The Mazda RX-9 Mystery Engine Revealed

Rumours have been flying regarding the next Rotary-engined Mazda for years now. but as we edge ever closer to the official reveal of the new RX-9 sports car, more and more information is coming to light. The latest, found out by Jalopnik, is the powertrain. Sadly, it’s not going to be a Rotary engine at all, and will instead be a 3.0-litre inline-6 SkyActiv powerplant producing 350-450hp.

While we’d heard rumours that the new sports car was going to be a hybrid with a Rotary being used as a range extender, there’s no news of this today, and while we are slightly disappointed, it’s the right decision. The Rotary was always going to be sought after, but its unreliability was its undoing, and the Mazda SkyActiv engines are beyond good in regards to performance and efficiency.

Confirmed: Mazda Is Bringing Back The Rotary Engine

With Mazda turning 100 years old as of this month, we’re expecting to see some special edition cars coming from their factories. And what better model to with Mazda a happy birthday is the RX-9? We’re very excited to see what comes next, and while we will miss the Rotary, we’re sure we’ll see it in the future.

Mazda Rx-9 rotary to return

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  1. If it’s not a rotary engine then it can’t be a RX. As RX stands for “Rotary eXperiment”.
    Don’t jack up the meaning of a name just to try to sell a car Mazda. RX has meaning and needs to keep it’s meaning.

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