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The New 2020 Defender Can Be Remote Controlled

It’s no surprise that the new 2020 Defender was met with divided opinions. But Land Rover is more than happy to prove that the Defender always has been, and still is, a car that is capable of going anywhere.But technology will always have a part in new cars, even a car that was known to be one of the most bog basic cars on the road. But Land Rover don’t want it to be a gimmick.

According to a recent report by Autocar, Land Rover is working on a remote control function which allows the driver of the Defender to get out and wirelessly control it. This, while it sounds slightly gimmicky to some, is a great idea.

Designed to be used off-road, this feature will allow someone to drive over an obstacle without the need for a spotter. The driver themselves become the spotter, but while still being able to control the car at low speeds.

Chief product engineer Stuart Frith confirmed the car is “capable of being able to do that in terms of its architecture.” He added: “We’ve got as far as understanding how to do it, and we’ve run prototypes as well.”

The Defender has all the sensors, cameras and systems that any other modern car has, but Frith is adamant that there’s nothing better than a human brain going on foot to scope something out.


“If you’re in a tight spot and you’re on your own, you can still get out of the car and ‘spot it’ yourself,” he says.

As an extension of the Defender’s 3D Scout System, which projects a virtual image of the car from a distance, the user will have to wear the vehicle’s Activity Ring, which will verify the driver’s presence.

Of course, this technology is still a way away, with governing bodies needing to perform their own tests so confirm its level of safety. But this kind of technology could innovate the modern car, and we’re very excited to see it in action.

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