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The One-Off Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Crashes Yet Again

If it was possible for a car to be cursed, I would certainly look to this one with a look of scrutiny. It was only May last year when this beautiful $1.5 million-plus Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon – a one-off – crashed at the National Electric Vehicle Sweden event. It suffered severe damage, but in time was rebuilt by the Swedish marque who, following the rebuild, named it their exclusive test vehicle.

It seems as though the Electric Vehicle crowd may have tampered with it however, as it has once again crashed, this time on a public road. Unfortunately for Koenigsegg, this was the first time it had been driven since its accident last year, so back home it goes for yet another repair job.

Thankfully, like the first accident, the driver and passenger weren’t hurt. It’s just the car that wears the scars of poor driving. According to Koenigsegg’s PR team, the driver lost control when attempting to pass another car.

While I hope the car will be repaired again, maybe give it to someone else to drive home… I’ll take one for the team. Driving a car topped with 24-karat gold leaf trim and 1,360hp must be a real bore…

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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