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The RImac C_Two Is Having A Name Change And Is Coming To The UK

You’ve heard of Richard Hammond haven’t you? If you have, then you’ve probably heard of Rimac. It was the Rimac Concept_One that Hammond was driving when he launched himself off the side of a Hill Climb in Switzerland. He was fine, minus a fractured knee… the car not so much.

Rimac has since then released its second car, named C_Two. Like the first, it’s all-electric, with four electric motors producing a total of 1,914bhp and 1,696lb-ft of instant torque. With unlimited amounts of all-wheel torque vectoring, it can rocket itself to 60mph in just 1.85 seconds, and after a total of 11.8 seconds, it will be at 186mph. With an accompanying range of 342 miles according to WLTP, it really is a weapon, but we haven’t heard a lot about it recently.

Now though, a recent article from Autocar states the Rimac is going to change the name of the C_Two before it enters production. The first production version of the car will be revealed at Geneva early next year, with the first batch being available to take home towards the end of the year. Until then, CEO Mate Rimac has to come up with a name to suit the company’s fastest car yet.


40 to 50 units wil be made of the C_Two.

Alongside this information, Mate has informed outlets that he’s planning on opening a research and development centre in the UK, located on top of the $50 million HR Owen experience centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

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