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The Top Five Car Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

Okay you beautiful people, let’s get to the chase. We all like gadgets, and many of us NEED gadgets. Without them we would only be simple stone-age slobs, with nothing to impress the opposite gender.

Today we are looking at gadgets which will make your car-based existence that much niftier, especially if you eat behind the wheel.

NUMBER ONE: The HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display

We’ve been conditioned to accept HUDs as the future, ever since the early days of FPS videogames. Car companies have caught on, and started adding them to their newest models. Of course, if you don’t have a fancy new Toyota, then it may be time for a retrofit.

The HUDWAY uses your cell phone and an optical trick like Disney’s Haunted Mansion, to reflect your screen onto a piece of glass positioned on your dash. It’s elegant, simple, and can be had for under $50.

The advantages are obvious, you can keep your eyes on the road, without the incessant need to repeatedly look down to make sure you aren’t speeding. It comes in handy when you’re already distracted by your southwest smothered fries and TikTok videos.

NUMBER TWO: The Handpresso

Who has time for a thermos anymore? This Handpresso is a 12V Espresso maker that fits in your cup holder. It’s a bit pricey, at $160, but aren’t espresso machines always expensive?

You put fine grounds in it and can make a cup while on your way to work, camping, or… parked eating lunch. Need I say more?

NUMBER THREE: The AutoExec Wheelmate Extreme

My personal favorite on this list, the Wheelmate extreme is so simple, you could convince your friends that you made it. This Wooden board fits around your steering wheel and acts as a desk, or dinner table!

It costs only $30, and can double as a piece of wood in a pinch.

NUMBER FOUR: The Armor All Car Vacuum

At this point, you’re well on your way to a car covered in food crumbs and coffee grinds. That’s where Armor All has your back, with this 12v car vacuum. It’s sold as a “wet/dry shop vac” so you know its stronger than it looks.

It’s tiny and cheap ($23), and probably makes quite the comedic gag. Imagine the look on the Sonic server’s face when she rollerblades over with your footlong Sonic dog and slush, only to find you vacuuming espresso off your desk.

NUMBER FIVE: YI Mirror Dash Cam

Yi’s practical and effective Mirror Dash Cam, combines something you have with something you need. For that, we are truly thankful. Whether you are worried about insurance fraud, or just tired of your low-tech mirror, this will sort it out.

For $160 it records both your front and rear views onto integrated storage, and lets you interface via a small touchscreen embedded in your mirror. It clips onto your existing mirror, and features wifi so it can connect to an app on your phone.

Well guys, there you have it. Now all you need is a destination and about two more 12v outlets in your car. Thank me later.

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