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The Toyota GR Yaris Has Been Widebodied – For When You Need More WRC

The Toyota GR Yaris is a beautiful car, and if you’re to believe the reviews, it’s as fast and sharp as it is gorgeous. So of course it’s a focus for tuning companies who were quick to develop their own performance-enhancing parts for the rally homologation hatch. But a body kit? Eh, it doesn’t really need it, but we’ll never say no to a render.

This kit is made by German tuner, Prior Design. It is, as I mentioned, a render, but if there’s enough interest in the kit they’ll most certainly look at putting it into production. I’m betting it will get plenty of attention with its huge arches and aggressive angles flanking the front bumper. And if you did miss it, look at that rear wing! It’s huge, matching the bloating of the rear bumper and diffuser. Yeah, there’s no confusion, this is definitely a WRC-inspired bodykit.

The car’s been lowered, the arches filled with new wheel designs, and I’m hoping there are plans for something interesting under the hood thanks to a subtle bump hinting at more space being needed. It’s likely just an aesthetic thing, but hey, I can hope, right?

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