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The Toyota Supra Gets A 450 Horsepower Manhart Overhaul

Have you been on the fence about picking up the new Toyota Supra? Well maybe the Manhart Supra GR-450 will push you over the edge. The German tuning company has gone and added 110 horsepower to the stock 3-liter turbocharged inline-six, bringing it up to the 450 HP (hence the name) and 479 lb-ft of torque.

Manhart has mostly accomplished this gain in power through its MHtronik Powerbox ECU remap. Although, they’ve also redone the exhaust system, adding Manhart electronic valve controls, OPF-Delete pipes, and a catalytic converter-less racing downpipe to make the car sound a little more beastly when desired. Of course, they have also added the option to disable auto start/stop at red lights, as well as the Automatic Sound Design (fake exhaust sounds) in the cabin. Additionally, carbon fibre exhaust caps are one of many sweet options.


In a very German fashion, Manhart’s brochure for the GR-450 says they did away with the stock suspension, “because of not being good enough in [their] opinion.” So, the GR-450 comes with a KW variant 3 suspension, which lowers the car and increases high-speed handling, especially around corners.


Of course, Manhart also amended the styling of the supra, with red line accents and aggressive 20″ Concave One diamond polished rims.

If you’d like to see or hear more of this bad boy in action, check out the video below.

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